Nacionalismu europeu

El nacionalismu uropeu es el nacionalismu d'Uropa, relacionau col pan-nacionalismu uropeu.

El nacionalismu europeu tieni cumu idea prencipal qu'Uropa es una nación.

Ideólogus del nacionalismu i federalismu uropeusEital

  • Víctor Hugo
  • Winston Churchill
  • Richard Nikolaus Graf von Coudenhove-Kalergi: Europe must unite, Paneuropa, Crusade for Pan-Europe: autobiography of a man and a movement y Europe seeks unity: With a pref. by William C. Bullitt.
  • Guy Verhofstadt: The united states of Europe: manifesto for a new Europe, The Financial Crisis - How Europe Can Save the World, History of the Paneuropean movement from 1922 to 1962 y Europa en de nieuwe wereldorde
  • Ernest Wistrich: The United States of Europe , After 1992: The United States of Europe y Europe: out of the Impasse.
  • Pasqual Maragall