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El lugal de chalra pala comuniá güiquipéyica.
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El Seranu

Aquí pueis chalral con otrus usuárius al tentu la Güiquipeya, endirguis...

Ca artículu tien la su própia caraba, si no estás dalcuerdu colo escrebiu... gástala.
Aquí pueis dal la tu opinión respetu a un holmatu, una categoria concreta...

La Güiquipeya tien várias carabas generalis andi tamién pueis participal (nel títulu la página).

Pa esmençal un nuevu tema nesta caraba, achucha aquina.

Pa dal la contiesta a angún tema ya abiertu achucha en eital nel tema que seya.

I no t'orviis de filmal!

New notification when a page is connected to WikidataEital

Hello all,

(Por favor, ayuda a traducir a tu idioma)

The Wikidata development team is about to deploy a new feature on all Wikipedias. It is a new type of notification (via Echo, the notification system you see at the top right of your wiki when you are logged in), that will inform the creator of a page, when this page is connected to a Wikidata item.

You may know that Wikidata provides a centralized system for all the interwikilinks. When a new page is created, it should be connected to the corresponding Wikidata item, by modifying this Wikidata item. With this new notification, editors creating pages will be informed when another editor connects this page to Wikidata.


This feature will be deployed on May 30th on all the Wikipedias, excepting English, French and German. This feature will be disable by default for existing editors, and enabled by default for new editors.

This is the first step of the deployments, the Wikipedias and other Wikimedia projects will follow in the next months.

If you have any question, suggestion, please let me know by pinging me. You can also follow and leave a comment on the Phabricator ticket.

Thanks go to Matěj Suchánek who developed this feature!

¡Muchas gracias! Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talk)

Multilingual Shared Templates and ModulesEital

Hello ext-wiki community! (Por favor, ayuda a traducir a tu idioma)

I recently organized a project to share templates and modules between wikis. It allows modules and templates to be “language-neutral”, and store all text translations on Commons. This means that it is enough to copy/paste a template without any changes, and update the translations separately. If someone fixes a bug or adds a new feature in the original module, you can copy/paste it again without any translation work. My bot DiBabelYurikBot can help with copying. This way users can spend more time on content, and less time on updating and copying templates. Please see project page for details and ask questions on talk page.

P.S. I am currently running for the Wikimedia board, focusing on content and support of multi-language communities. If you liked my projects like maps, graphs, or this one, I will be happy to receive your support. (any registered user group can vote). Thank you! --Yurik (🗨️) 06:09 11 May 2019 (UTC)